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To bridge the gap between the impersonal connections created by technology and the connections we need to thrive.

Renée Adair

Eponaquest Riding Focused and
Power of the Herd Certified Instructor

As a child, Renée had horses. Like so many others who experienced the joy of horses in their youth, she left that behind to attend college and then start her career as a Certified Public Accountant. In 2010, she and her husband moved to a property where she had the opportunity to reconnect with her childhood love of horses. They signed her brother-in-law up with a local therapeutic riding center in 2011, and a whole new world of how horses help humans was opened.

In 2013, the pressure of having someone with a traumatic brain injury living with them, caused her to look for a program to help her husband cope with the family pressure. Instead of finding a program for him, she found one for herself that completely changed her life.

The self-discovery and the change was so great, she decided she wanted to have the ability to pay it forward, so she embarked on the journey to become an Eponaquest instructor and received her certification in Shelley Rosenberg’s Riding Focused program and Linda Kohanov’s Power of the Herd program.

Renée enjoys partnering with horses to help people discover the person they were created to be.

Personal Development
Private lessons-with your horse or one of mine. Learn how to develop a deeper connection with horses and how to carry that forward to your human herd. 1,2, and 3-Day workshops: Human and horse facilitators assist participants in the discovery of their personal truth.

Business Team Development
Learn the strengths of individual team members and the areas to develop. The goal is to build a team that is balanced across all areas. Balanced individuals create a balanced team. A balanced team is more agile. Agility is required to adjust and respond to changing environments.

Training option: Add a team of equine facilitators to accelerate the learning curve.

Presentation offerings
An introduction to the Five Roles, what it means to find balance and how that balance can impact not only the work environment, but also the home and community.


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